what have we done?

our clients are innovators ... pioneers ... and leaders of industry.

Some past projects ....

Raytheon Corporation :

  • We have provided the Raytheon plant in Portsmouth, R.I. multiple, custom G code conversion applications and services to ensure that all their CNC equipment can run seamlessly.
  • Even though the shop was equipped with different machines with different CNC controls … our applications auto converted the G code from one machine into the G code format required for different machines and controls.

SpaceX :

  • We provided SpaceX in Hawthorne, CA with a customized version of our KipwareTP® toolpath plotting software.
  • They were in need of a quick method to plot G code programs for large workpieces with the ability to edit the G code locked out.

Boeing :

  • We provided Boeing in Washington state with a customized G code conversion application to convert G code programs from an older FADAL machine to a newer Fanuc controlled machine.
  • The FADAL machine was being replaced and they needed an application to convert those older, proven programs to operate on the new machine.

Hyundai :

  • We provided a Hyundai plant in Texas with an easy way to edit and create G code programs using our KipwareM® conversational CNC programming software.

Fagor Automation :

  • When Fagor Automation was looking for an application to convert Fanuc format to Fagor format … Kentech Inc. developed a version of our Kipware® CNC XChange software to perform the conversion.

Mazak :

  • Mazak application engineers use our KipwareXC® G code conversion to convert between G code formats for their clients and their own application projects.

Okuma :

  • Okuma and their distributors like Gosiger utilize our Kipware® CNC XChange application to assist users in converting G code from Fanuc based machines they are replacing to OSP language for newer Okuma machines they are purchasing.
  • We often work with Okuma and Gosiger engineers to customize CNC XChange for specific requirements their clients might require.
  • Kipware® CNC XChange is a featured application in the Okuma App Store.

Kennametal :

  • Kennametal application engineers use of KipwareXC® application to convert G code between formats.

Sandvik Coromant :

  • Sandvik application engineers use of KipwareXC® application to convert G code between formats.

These are just a few of the “big name” projects that Kentech Inc. has performed over the years. We have also provided countless smaller manufacturers with custom conversational applications … G code conversion applications and services … and many more innovative and cost saving solutions.

We invite you to think of CNC and machine shop software in a NEW way. Contact Kentech Inc. with the issues facing your shops efficiency and productivity … and explore the options that custom CNC and machine shop software development can provide.