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We realize every client's needs, requirements and expectations are unique and different. In order to quote pricing for services requested from Kentech Inc., we need to get to know you, your team and your company in-depth. So every quote starts with a conversation where client and engineer can determine the appropriate course of action and services to be provided and in-depth pricing.


Since we work remotely using the latest technology for online meetings and video, we accept clients from around the world. We specialize in small (even one man) and medium size clients who are seeking assistance and mentoring to help them grow to meet their future head on.


In general, our services are billed either through a very fair and affordable hourly rate where clients purchase a block of time that the team determines is sufficient to provide the desired services ... or through a complete project quotation for longer term and more complex projects. Complex projects are usually billed in stages with incremental payments due as the completed project targets are met.


Let's TALK ... it all STARTS with a CONVERSATION.


We invite you to contact us using our CONTACT FORM or any of the options below to START the conversation and decide if consultancy through Kentech Inc. is the right fit for you.


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