What can Custom Development do for Your Shop?

Think of Machine Shop Software in a

Since 1986, over 30+ years, Kentech Inc. has combined a unique blend of metacutting, CNC and machine shop experiences with computer programming skills to develop an array of metalcutting and CNC software products recognized around the world as “real world machine shop software”. Our products are marketed through our Kipware® registered trademark and include business software ( quoting, estimating, tracking ), conversational CNC and conversational CAD/CAM software for milling, turning, wire EDM, waterjet and plasma machines, G code conversion software, and CNC programming training software. Our customers machine shops consisting of one-two people to Fortune 500 companies such as SpaceX, General Dynamics, Raytheon and others.

In today’s world, clients find themselves faced with shop floors that consist of multiple machines with multiple CNC controls operated by personnel with limited shop floor experiences. Oftentimes, PC based or control based software applications can help that shop floor operate more efficiently. Our over 30+ years of metacutting, CNC and machine shop experiences enable us to “see” the shop floor and our clients problems with a clarity unmatched in manufacturing based software development. Our focus lies with our strengths … in manufacturing … in metacutting … in CNC programming and in G code and G code creation.

If your shop floor is faced with an issue that is causing inefficiencies and bottlenecks … we invite you to contact us to discuss possible options and solutions that can be created through our intelligent, custom software development.


Custom Conversational CNC Programming Software

If your shop creates G code for families of parts or similar part configurations, a custom built conversational or fill-in-the-blank G code creation tool may be the perfect tool. Oftentimes this type of application can speed up G code creation and expand the chipmakers that can create those programs. The result is increased efficiency … increased output … and increased profits.

Custom G Code Conversion Software

In an effort to possess the best machine for the job … today’s shop floors consist of multiple machines and multiple CNC controls. This often results in reprogramming … reposting … or worse. We’ve been pioneering and developing G code conversion software since the late ’80’s. Thinking of buying a new machine tool? G code conversion software can ensure that your proven G code running in your previous machine will work in your new machine … saving hundreds of hours of re-programming, re-posting and hundreds of dollars in lost hours.

Dump the Cryptic Macro Language

If your shop is using Fanuc Macro or Okuma User Task … it’s time to dump the old school, cryptic variable based language for a smart, PC based, user friendly application. Kentech Inc. can develop a new application from scratch or convert your existing custom macro program into a new, PC based software application with a clear and easy-to-use user interface. Give your operators clear screens for inputting data and use the power of the PC to ensure correct inputs resulting in quick and accurate G code generation.