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Hi ... my name is Kenney Skonieczny and I am the President of Kentech Inc.


I either oversee or work directly with all clients of our consulting services.

I have spent over 30+ years in various areas of manufacturing ...

from actual chipmaking to machine repair to CNC programming

to manufacturing engineering ...

and everything in between.


When clients are considering hiring Kentech Inc. to assist with their projects ...

and wonder about our experience ... I simply ask ...


Would you hire this guy ?



Kenneth Skonieczny

President - Kentech Inc.


Formal Training

  • College degrees in Engineering.
  • Trained in Japan at the factory of Mori Seiki - Diploma in CNC Programming and Maintenance Courses in CNC Lathe and Machining Centers.
  • Training in Japan at the factory of Shizuoka - Diploma in CNC Programming and Maintenance Courses in CNC Machining Centers.
  • Trained in Japan at the factory of Kuraki - Received Diploma in CNC Programming and Maintenance Courses in CNC Machining Centers.


Chipmaking Experiences

  • Class "A" Machinist
  • Experience with CNC and manual machinery including 2-8 axis turning centers, 3-5 axis horizontal/vertical   machining centers, vertical/horizontal manual mills, lathes, planes, OD/ID grinders, Bridgeports, Surface  Grinders, Planer Mills, VTL's


Manufacturing Engineering Experiences

  • Over 20 years of fixture design and development.
  • Former Senior Manufacturing Engineer in a high production environment.
  • Experienced in CAD / CAM systems including SolidWorks, Surfcam, Autocad, Mastercam and others including 3D surfacing.


Software Engineering Experience

  • Extensive software development in a variety of languages including Basic, C, C++, Visual Basic.
  • Development experience in HTML5



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