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    Traditional delivery offers the most common software delivery option where an installation file is delivered either through a web download or CD delivery and the Kipware application(s) are installed on your personal PC. Traditional delivery of ALL our titles includes (2) seats ... meaning users can install their Kipware® software on two independent computers. Additional seats are available at 50% of the titles list price. Click the LINK below for more information.


    The innovative and groundbreaking KIPWARE CLOUD - SaaS for Manufacturing ... offers users the opportunity to access their Kipware software on any device ... from anywhere ... at any time. The Kipware® Cloud frees the user from the constraints of the desktop or laptop or any single device ... from installed software ... from "seats" ... from upgrade headaches ... and so much more. Through the Kipware® Cloud, the innovators and pioneers at Kentech Inc. have taken another giant leap toward providing unprecedented efficiency and productivity to our Kipware® family. Click the LINK below for more information.