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    Kipware ESTIMATING

    Kipware QUOTING and ESTIMATING Software

    Tired of BLOATED and EXPENSIVE MRP and ERP Packages ?  Spreadsheets ??  Really ?? Since 1986, over 30+ years, Kipware Quoting and Estimating software has been helping all size manufacturers not only WIN MORE WORK ... BUT WIN MORE PROFITABLE WORK.

    Our quoting and estimating philosophy all starts with an ACCURATE machining cycletime estimate ... created through our KipwareCYC® software. Once the machining time is established ... KipwareQTE® enables users to add material costs, labor costs and all non-machining costs to those labor costs to create a quotation to send over to their client. KipwareTRK® then assists with tracking your quotations and completely analyzing your quoting and estimating process to help find flaws and improve profitability. Use them INDIVIDUALLY or in our KIPWARE  SUITE to WIN PROFITABLE WORK and IMPROVE YOUR BOTTOM LINE. All titles are available cloud based or through a traditional installation.